The Dancer and the Looking Glass.

This essay concerns the relationship between the film/video camera and the performer, particularly the dancer, and explores the camera dancer relationship as a Pas de Deux. It concludes by describing some of my own screendance making practice in which I explore an alternative production environment in which the dancer has an increased level of control over how he or she is ‘captured’ by the camera.

Inside the Looking Glass

This essay examines my experience of working with Dr Karla Shacklock on the ‘Beyond’ project, 2012. Located in a disused pub in the City of Bristol, Beyond was a publically funded performance project drawing on Shacklock’s philosophy of ‘Beyond’ My role was to engage with the philosophy and process of ‘Beyond’ as a video artist. There was no set definition of the role or the outcome.

The Sewing Woman

A short story.

The Water of Light

A long story.